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The Alchemists Programme – Advanced Leadership


To offer the rare and deep knowledge and practises for transformation to leaders who are dedicated and intrigued by leading purposeful organisations.


A one-year programme consisting of three workshop modules, monthly individual coaching and working with a personal project.

Created and offered by The Mind at Work’s founding directors Darren Rudkin and Pascale Ascher.


42 Acres Retreat Centre, Somerset, England.

The venue Is located within 700 acres of ancient forest offering space, beauty and natural surroundings that recharge and revitalise. This idyllic location can be accessed from London by rail or road in circa two hours and can also be accessed from Bristol airport within the hour.

Participant Background:

This programme is for senior leaders interested in:

  • Moving beyond the fundamentals of working with purpose in The Mind at Work’s organisational or open programmes.  
  • Significantly expanding their capacity and capability to realise substantial purposes, create remarkable results and find meaningfulness in their careers.  
  • Working with the invisible elements of transformation.

In addition, the programme is for those leaders who have a curiosity for the unknown, an inclination for the non-conventional and an appetite and willingness to learn and grow.     

Programme Overview:

The Alchemists programme offers the experience, knowledge and practises that inspire, embolden and equip leaders to be a source of excellence, inventiveness and the remarkable in life and work.

The focus is on developing leaders as catalysts for transformation by working with shifts in perception, inhabiting a state of creativity, generating a deep willingness to adventure and risk, and building a robust wisdom to work with forces that both limit and empower. 

These faculties will be discovered and practised during the year. In addition, the workshop modules are a unique, experiential learning opportunity that offer:

  • Transformative tools which elevate teamwork, problem-solving, innovation and delivery.
  • Development of instinct and intuition.
  • Working with invisible forces that liberate, focus, strengthen and foster remarkable results.
  • Engaging with dilemmas and strengthening decision-making capability in new ways.
  • A cross-organisational community with substantial and unique support and experience.
  • Knowledge gained from varied disciplines including psychology, systems approaches, diagnostic tools, philosophy and innovation.
  • Rare counsel for organisational and personal dilemmas. 
  • Strengthened confidence to pursue purposes whilst meeting challenges and difficulties.

Course Outline:

Module 1 : The Self as Centre of Transformation

  • Developing objective perception.
  • Generating purpose to motivate, inspire and transform.
  • Recognising blind-spots and how to work with them.
  • Discovering the higher self and working with higher faculties.

Module 2: The Alchemists’ Way 

  • Recognising invisible forces.
  • Working with resistance and receptivity; transforming limits and blocks.
  • Creating conditions for remarkable outcomes.
  • Unleashing creativity.

Module 3: Wisdom & Choice

  • Accessing the sixth sense.
  • Developing the art of decision making and dilemma transformation.
  • Leading for excellence; working with consciousness, discipline and commitment.


£15,000 (+VAT) including accomodation and meals.

Further Information:

Contact: Annabelle Tatham – [email protected]

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