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The Alchemists Programme – Advanced Leadership


To offer the rare and deep knowledge and practises for transformation to leaders who are dedicated and intrigued by leading purposeful organisations.


A one-year programme consisting of three workshop modules, monthly individual coaching and working with a personal project.

Created and offered by The Mind at Work’s founding directors Darren Rudkin and Pascale Ascher.

Participant Background:

This programme is for senior leaders interested in:

  • Moving beyond the fundamentals of working with purpose in The Mind at Work’s organisational or open programmes.  
  • Significantly expanding their capacity and capability to realise substantial purposes, create remarkable results and find meaningfulness in their careers.  
  • Working with the invisible elements of transformation.

In addition, the programme is for those leaders who have a curiosity for the unknown, an inclination for the non-conventional and an appetite and willingness to learn and grow.     

Programme Overview:

The Alchemists programme offers the experience, knowledge and practises that inspire, embolden and equip leaders to be a source of excellence, inventiveness and the remarkable in life and work.

The focus is on developing leaders as catalysts for transformation by working with shifts in perception, inhabiting a state of creativity, generating a deep willingness to adventure and risk, and building a robust wisdom to work with forces that both limit and empower. 

These faculties will be discovered and practised during the year. In addition, the workshop modules are a unique, experiential learning opportunity that offer:

  • Transformative tools which elevate teamwork, problem-solving, innovation and delivery.
  • Development of instinct and intuition.
  • Working with invisible forces that liberate, focus, strengthen and foster remarkable results.
  • Engaging with dilemmas and strengthening decision-making capability in new ways.
  • A cross-organisational community with substantial and unique support and experience.
  • Knowledge gained from varied disciplines including psychology, systems approaches, diagnostic tools, philosophy and innovation.
  • Rare counsel for organisational and personal dilemmas. 
  • Strengthened confidence to pursue purposes whilst meeting challenges and difficulties.

Course Outline:

Module 1 : The Self as Centre of Transformation

  • Developing objective perception.
  • Generating purpose to motivate, inspire and transform.
  • Recognising blind-spots and how to work with them.
  • Discovering the higher self and working with higher faculties.

Module 2: The Alchemists’ Way 

  • Recognising invisible forces.
  • Working with resistance and receptivity; transforming limits and blocks.
  • Creating conditions for remarkable outcomes.
  • Unleashing creativity.

Module 3: Wisdom & Choice

  • Accessing the sixth sense.
  • Developing the art of decision making and dilemma transformation.
  • Leading for excellence; working with consciousness, discipline and commitment.

Further Information:

Contact: Octavia Weldon – [email protected]

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