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Beyond Survival Online HR Programme

An experiential programme of renewal, resourcefulness and reinvention for HR professionals.


Beyond Survival is an inspiring and ground-breaking programme for HR leaders to engage with the challenges and the aftermath of the global pandemic, by drawing on their hidden and highest capabilities to make a fulfilling and remarkable difference.

In 2021, the stage is set for HR professionals to step further forward in their leadership and deliver solutions that will transcend the normal approaches to transformation that have characterised business strategies over the past two decades.

To achieve this, HR leaders will need to be purposeful and resourceful if they are to create genuine and sustainable organisational transformation. The Mind at Work has drawn upon many years’ experience of working within and alongside HR functions to launch this unique online learning experience for HR leaders. 


  • An online experiential programme delivered across three days.
  • Three online, one hour, 1-2-1 coaching sessions.
  • Peer learning and networking across a diverse group of HR professionals.
  • Additional resources through the online Mind at Work Academy.

Programme Overview:

Module OneBeing Purposeful:

  • The psychology of motivation – engaging meaning and purpose.
  • Transforming and transcending the mindsets of survival, desire and “having to get it right”.
  • Unleashing the power of purpose for greater results and inner resources.

Module TwoBeing Connecting:

  • Purposeful conversations for building trust and sustaining engagement.
  • The secrets of collaboration and partnership 
  • True recognition of others and its rewards upon self, others and business.

Module Three – Being Resourceful:

  • Generating productive permission fields.
  • Working with power intentionally.
  • Innovative problem-solving.
  • How my personal transformation as an HR leader can become a source of genuine transformation.

Benefits for Participants:

  • Greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of personal meaning, motivation and behaviours. 
  • Ability to create stability and reorientation by being guided by and acting with higher purpose.
  • Strengthened personal resilience and the ability to tap into hidden resources. 
  • Increased capacity to listen, empathise and connect with others in meaningful and energising ways.
  • Robust partnership capability.
  • Innovative problem-solving and deeper resourcefulness, despite limits and accelerated agendas. 
  • Greater personal authority and skills for leading from the front to facilitate transformational paradigm shifts.


£1,950 (+VAT) consisting of three days training and three individual coaching sessions.

Further information:

Contact Paul Cowley – [email protected]

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